The Longest Day of the Week

Tuesdays are our longest day of the week. It starts with Chad leaving at 8 am for work and it doesn't end until he gets home after 8 pm when Geddy has already been bathed and put to bed (yes, he goes to bed when it's still light out). 

Although I am the perfect Mother and never have rough days (HAHAHAHAHA), tonight ended with me putting Geddy down for the night (he was actually a wonderful boy for me today except for the major tantrum he threw at the Preschool Tour we took this afternoon, not embarrassing at all. But really, he was sweet after that incident) I busted out the bag of mini Cadburry Eggs and thought I would give myself a little laugh while watching Dance Moms (that's right, I said Dance Moms). 

So, to preface a bit. Chad does this thing that we call a "hoot-a-nanny". It's where he will go on his own Pinterest Board, where he has pinned all the funny things he has seen/liked, and just giggle to himself over things that he has seen several times before but they still make him laugh. It drives me crazy sometimes because I feel like I am left out on the joke because I am not sitting right next to him looking at them with him, I am usually fluttering around doing something not worth mentioning. It's like he has an inside joke that I am not in on. Rude. But it's cute and funny and I love him for it. 

Tonight, I did my own hoot-a-nanny and went on my own funny Pinterest Board and relished and giggled in the silly things that still make me laugh (regardless of how dumb they are). 

SO, I am bringing them to you now. They may make you laugh (I hope they do and I hope you are enjoying some Cadburry Eggs as well because they are baller). 

I'm a Bear
This is not at all political so don't even start. 
Oh Bucky. 
The horror in her face. 

And Happy Birthday BTVS!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. I found all of these on Pinterest so...

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