36 Weeks and Life Lately

Hey guys. Hows it been going? Are you as tired as I am? 

So, let's just jump into this, shall we? 

I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant. And I don't know what happened but I feel like this week hit me like a bus. Or better yet, I was the bus and I was cruising down the highway doing great and than 36 weeks hits and I ran out of gas and the tires have fallen off. I am just fried. I feel run down and mentally I'm all sorts of fuzzy. Sleep hasn't been great (but it hasn't been great for months now). It's bizarre, I just feel so worn out. 

I had my weekly OB/GYN appointment on Tuesday and honestly, I thought they were going to tell me something predictive but NOPE. The baby looks great and her heart beat is strong and is moving plenty. He checked my cervix (which is SO uncomfortable when you are massively pregnant, oye!) and low and behold, it is completely closed. He jokingly said "well, you won't be having a baby tonight!". And truth be told, I don't want her to come too SOON but I do want her to be full term and to come on her OWN because that makes chances much better for having a successful VBAC. But, there is always next week! 

Above: A pic of me and Geddy when he was feeling quite grumpy one day. He will always be my little dude. FOREVER.

Below: Geddy found out that he could plank on things. I have no idea where he got this funny idea but he was doing it one day and asked me to take a picture because he wanted to show Daddy. So we took a picture and text it to Chad.

Above: Geddy has grown really fond of stickers lately! I have had to go to the craft store a lot lately (this last project I am working on is driving me CRAZY. Details coming soon.) and instead of buying him a foam head (Hobby Lobby has weird stuff) we have found the sticker aisle. Here we put all his stickers on a paper and again, he asked if we could take a picture and send it to Dad. So we did.

Below: Scout's Nursery is NEARLY done. Only one more thing to hang and a dollhouse to finish (that is my current project that is driving me nuts). I hope to take a bunch of nice pictures and posting them on here. Stay tuned for that. It will happen, I swear. But here is one of the pictures that we put up above the crib. I really love it. And that pom pom garland? I made it. And it was SO frustrating. Why do I ever craft?! Haha... 

Above: 36 1/2 Weeks! I am wearing no makeup (even though I have been doing pretty good at wearing at least mascara each day) and an awesome Star Wars shirt (which I actually love). I am completely running out of clothes, like my maternity jeans are in the past. I am just embracing that sweats, leggings, and dresses are what I will be wearing until this kid makes her debut.

Below: Another little glimpse of Scout's nursery. More to come.

Above/Below: This boy. He is so energetic and passionate and absolutely my everything. He has no idea how his life will change in the next few weeks but even if he has a tough transition, it will be one of the biggest blessings in his life. I just hope they learn to love each other and become fast friends. That is my REAL hope. It's incredible how much I love him.

And lastly. I have this issue. Let me explain.

I am a big planner and list maker. I am sure that I have explained that on here before. So, I have been busy and stressing about getting things SO prepared before this baby comes. And I have been doing this for months. I keep adding to my list and thinking of more things that would be so good to have accomplished. But I have been doing it for so long, that I am not ready to be done. BUT my brain. can't. STOP. It's almost like the nesting has taken over and here I am now feeling really worn out that I am now fighting the nesting instinct and my body telling me to STOP with the prepping. It will all work out. And I am not putting myself in any danger but I am annoying myself.

And that is life lately. Chad is super busy with school and work and being a superb Father and Husband. I am busy making this baby and keeping our current little dude happy and healthy. Bobbie, our lady pup, has been acting WEIRD lately. I think she knows the baby is coming soon. You know, it's like animals who can sense natural disasters or aliens (hahah, not that my birth will be a natural disaster...I hope). But we are excited to celebrate Easter with all our families and enjoy General Conference. I do love this time of year.

Oh and I have hit the phase of the pregnancy where I become a recluse. I am unsocial and don't make many plans because I just can't do it. And I am totally okay with that. It's like I am starting to roost and cook this egg. And it continues on through the first month or two after the baby comes. Some people crave that social release during those early newborn months but that is just NOT me. I stay in where I am comfortable and get into a good routine with my family. That is just what I need during this time. We all need different things in that way and I never intend to offend anybody but I just bunker down please, no one be offended or concerned!

That's all!

Happy Thursday!


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