39 Weeks and Such

So, we 100% missed Easter. We got sick with Satan's cold and missed the fun festivities. Geddy started with a cough that went crazy and partnered up with terrible nasal problems. Then I caught it and wanted TO DIE. All I wanted was to dose up on NyQuil but pregnant women basically can't take anything but Tylenol which does nothing for a cough and runny nose. Boo. It was brutal. And it lasted for what felt like forever. A good 8+ days. Chad caught a little bit of it, luckily his wasn't severe as ours. Goodness, I am so glad we have gotten past that. It was truly terrible. 

In other news...I am 39 weeks pregnant this week! Huzzah! We went to our weekly OB/GYN appointment this week and the doctor said she is measuring 41 weeks large (which can be slightly off but still surprised me) and my cervix has done pretty much NOTHING. So she is huge and doesn't want to come out, basically. Haha, not really but kinda. So, we had to discuss a back up plan if she doesn't come out on her own. Thus far, we have decided to wait until 41 weeks pregnant, just to give her a chance to make a move. If she doesn't make a move, then we will evaluate where my cervix is at (hopefully dilated somewhat) and decide to induce (which raises the risk of a rupture which isn't the best) or do a C-Section. I feel like she will come before 41 weeks because...I just want her to. We will see. I am just trying to be patient and wise and give her some more time.  The Lord has a plan, I am just doing my best not to fret over the whole thing (which is easier said than done for me).

39 Weeks Pregnant!

And lastly. I am trying to do my best to enjoy the time before she arrives. This can be difficult when you are big and puffy and frankly irritable. But I want to soak up these last moments of it just being me and G at home. And to be honest, we have good moments and rough moments. I have noticed that my patience is diminishing just from not feeling my best but this little dude keeps on being as fantastic as ever. What a treasure.

Geddy pretending to be asleep while grocery shopping. Those teeth. 

Alright. That's it! I hope this baby comes soon so I can STOP CLEANING. Haha, Chad and I did deep spring cleaning this last weekend (Chad was such a champ) and I really would like her to show up so I don't have to keep cleaning trying to keep things nice and tidy before she gets here. It's kind of annoying, really. I am sick of cleaning.

Happy Wednesday!


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Sarah Schwieger said...

ha I can totally understand the cleaning thing! I'll send good vibes to get her here sooner than later. ;)