Dollhouse Project

When I was super little (like 6 or 7 maybe?) my Mom got me this amazing Wooden Dollhouse for my Birthday. It had fresh wallpaper and paint and even had carpet and curtains and she had done all the decorating and painting herself. This dollhouse got years and years and YEARS of love (even being climbed on and sat on by many a teenager). And it held up pretty well over the years.

My Mom, being the sweet lady she is, kept the dollhouse all this time and wanted me to take it now because I was having a daughter of my own. It was such a sweet gesture and one that made my heart kind of explode. Passing down this gift from my Mom to my own daughter is ever so sweet to me. 

Even though the structure has held together quite well, the decor has begun to fall apart (as one would expect after 20 years of love). So I knew that I wanted to freshen it up a bit; just something clean and basic. Here are a few pictures of the before. Geddy and Bobbie were both big fans of the new (and rather large) piece of furniture. 

Our Lady Pup was so fascinated by this object that she climbed in it a few times to get a closer sniff. 
And Geddy has played with it quite a bit as well. It's a perfect place for his guys, or cars, or animals to play. Which makes
me very happy to see him enjoy it too.

Originally, I was wanting to be all extravagant like my Mom was. I was thinking of doing shingles on the roof and painting different rooms different colors and then adding some faux wood floors to certain rooms. I thought "it won't be that hard!". Then I started painting it and it was SUCH a long process. Why I decided to do everything white is beyond me because it took 4 coats and a million trips to Hobby Lobby to achieve a pure white look (I had to cover up the pink completely so it took a lot of paint).

Once I started the project, I realized that it was going to be a much grander process so I just decided to keep it basic. Black roof and shutters (there are shutters on the back and sides for each window). And then white walls and exterior with brown floors (so as to resemble wood floors). I'll  be honest, it took weeks of painting at night but I finished just this week (I was terrified that I wouldn't get done before she came).

Overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome. It definitely looks better from far away (there are some really dodgy corners and lines where two colors meet) but I feel like it does look nice and clean and basic enough for any child to enjoy it's beauty. And it will continue to remain ever so special to me because I have so many fond memories playing with it too (like that one time where I dunked my older sister's Barbie Doll in apple juice and then sucked the juice out of her hair...just because I was a weirdo. Her doll was never the same after that...).

And just for good measure...a pic of Geddy Boy!

Happy Thursday!


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