Scout's Nursery

As promised, here is Scout's completed nursery! This was a long process but when I nest, I nest HARD. Like, to the point where I can stress myself out (kind of pointless, I know). It turned out a little busy looking but I also really like it. It's vibrant and has a lot of happy colors in it. 

The room itself is incredibly small and strangely shaped which honestly, I don't mind, I am just glad she will have her own room and that Geddy can still have the comfort of his room too. It's really convenient. 

As you may have read before, I didn't want to have a pastel or overly feminine space. I wanted something a bit more eclectic and interesting but still enjoying pinks and reds and yellows. I didn't want to be restricted by or defined by what a baby girl nursery "should be" so I just followed my gut and put things in it that I knew I liked. And this was the outcome.  

Here is the BEFORE:


From the doorway. Rocking chair is from Grandma Glenna.
The opposite side of the room. You can tell the room is super small. Closet doors on the right. 
I spy a massive pregnant lady! The dresser is from Grandma Glenna.
Thank you so much! 
Little details. Big Brother's Aviator hat hanging on the mirror. Makes me tender.

After decorating this room and painting the dollhouse, I feel like I never want to craft again. I took on a lot of little decoration projects and I am TOTALLY tapped out now. NO MORE CRAFTING FOR THE NEXT YEAR. And I am not really a crafty person but I just kept seeing things I liked and thinking "oh, I could totally make that". I ended doing the jars on her dresser (just painted the lids of some old pickle jars), the arrows above her closet (I made Geddy some a while ago and liked them so much that I wanted her to have some too), the yellow S hanging on the wall and the blasted Pom Pom Garland hanging above her crib. I also made  her a bunch of tiny felt bows that we can put in her hair (because I am SUPER picky about bows and accessories) and then the dollhouse.

Even writing that all out makes me feel tired.

Little moccs for little feet.
Chad requested this quote be in her nursery. We love it. 
Our lady pup is a Mini Schnauzer. We love her craziness. And Geddy has a little Mini Schnauzer cuddle buddy and Scout
needed one too. So now they both have them. 
I loved the cheeriness of the cloud and sun pillows, both super cheap from Ikea. 
I am a passionate lover of tootsie rolls so that little metal sign only seemed appropriate.
And the beginning of her book collection. 
Books in baskets. 
Homemade arrows above her closet. 

A shot of the crib. 
Homemade Pom Pom Garland. It took forever to make, oddly enough. 

You'll notice I don't focus much on the bookcases. They are bookcases we have had for 5 years or so and they hold things like Chad's comics and a bunch of DVDs and media and craft stuff so, they are just there because we have no where else to put them. The designs on them are cartoons with shakespeare quotes written all over them. I actually really love them because they are unique. We found those at Ikea but they are no longer there.

Blankets from Grandma Glenna and Great Grandma de Lisle.
A colorful blanket from Grandma Olson.
Last wall of the room. 

For years I have told Chad that I want a print of Frank Frazetta's Madam Derringer painting to hang in my daughter's room and he made sure to get it for me. It's the picture above with woman on the horse holding a little gun. I've loved it since I saw it for the first time like 7 years ago. And I have the "Be Brave Little One" picture because I just love the saying. Geddy has a print of that in his room as well. 

Finished Dollhouse!

There you have it! That is Scout's completed nursery. I am not gonna lie, it took a lot of work. And Chad helped me a bunch and gave me his thoughts on things. I am relieved it is now finished. And I like how happy and peppy it is. Although, I could really do without those flesh colored walls but there was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I was gonna paint this room. No way. 

OH YEAH. And here is her super clean closet which makes me so, ridiculously, happy. So, yes, I took a picture of it. 

Now if Scout would just show up already...

Happy Friday!


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Laurel West said...

That room has so much love in it already from all the details that you put into it! The parts you crafted are my favorite parts of the room. The garland, arrows, dollhouse, and all the other cheerful parts of it. So perfect.