Scout Ivy at 1 Month Old

Little Sis is officially 4 weeks olds. Crazy, yes? An ENTIRE month? It's crazy how much happens in that amount of time. 

And how horrible is it that I didn't pull out my nice camera to take her picture until now? I know, that's awful. We have just been using our phones to take a TON of pictures but the nice camera looks so much better. So here is our lady. 

Quilt from Grandma Olson and Doll from Grandma Glenna!
I made the little felt bow headband. 

So, where do we begin? Well, we went to the Doctor for her 2 week appointment and she is 80% for weight and height and 95% for head. Yes, this baby has a monster head. Super cute but large. And keep in mind I had to push that head out of my body for THREE HOURS. Never you forget what Mama did for you Scout! Just kdding, it was so worth it.

On the day Scout came home, we noticed Geddy had a nasty cough and runny nose. Of course we were horrified and did all we could to make it so Scout wouldn't catch it but sadly, I caught the cold and then she did too. But her's was not nearly as severe, just some nasty congestion that was easily resolved with a lot of saline. It was nice because right as she was catching it, we had her Doctor's appointment so they took her temp and gave us instructions of what to do and look out for. Luckily, it never progressed to any kind of fever or even a cough, what a relief!

Sneezing! Blurry but so cute!

Personality: Scout is the SWEETEST baby. She loves to cuddle and be held. In fact, as long as she is fed and has a clean diaper, she will happily sleep in your arms. She is calm and it takes a lot for her to really get screaming (like her car seat). But she is pretty easy to satisfy. I will say she has gotten a bit more fussy at night (like many newborns) and from what I understand, that peeks at about 6-8 weeks. But honestly, she is a really good baby. She is very calm and easy to keep happy. Scout definitely has a sweet spirit. I can feel it.

She definitely doesn't like to be put down. Therefore, I wear the blessed Solly Wrap a lot. We fought it a lot at night though, like for sleeping. For several days I exhausted myself desperately trying to get her to sleep in her crib which meant me getting up every ten minutes trying to get her back to sleep because she would only sleep for a moment. Finally, out of desperation, I brought her in our bed (gasp, the horror!). And you know what? She (and I) slept for 4 hours straight. Now, I have been against co-sleeping from the start. Geddy has never slept in our bed, not even once so bringing her in was an act of desperation. Luckily, we have a really big bed (King size) and she is placed in a section all her own (so no one can roll over her). I take many precautions because I absolutely do not want her to die, of course. But I have been able to function so much better because she sleeps much better. She has even slept for 6 hour stretches a few times. BUT, I will say that I don't want this to last long. I want her in her crib in a short amount of time but I am giving myself some time to adapt.

Hates: She hates being swaddled. But she sleeps better when swaddled. There is a moment each time she is put down for bed where she straight up rages trying to get her arms out and then I give her a pacifier and rock her a bit and she immediately falls asleep. She hates getting her nose suctioned out and getting her fingernails cut. She also hates tummy time and will be so mad and then fall asleep. The hiccups! Oh, we hate the hiccups so much. And she gets them ALL the time.

Loves: Nursing. She loves to eat and is pretty good at it. Cuddling. Again, she wants to be held all the time. And she loves to sleep on your chest most. She loves when Daddy washes her hair and gives her a bath. Especially when she is all cozied up in her towel afterward and she goes to her "zen" place. It's cute, Daddy definitely has the magic touch!

Fun fact, Scout has a super strong neck and back. The moment she was born, the Doctor commented on how strong she was. She holds up that giant noggin' real well and has from birth. Also, she wiggles and kicks her feet in the cutest way when she is passing gas or trying to poop. Truly, it's adorable. And when she is really mad or frustrated she kicks her feet like crazy. Almost as if she is stomping. 

Scout is also, what I would call, a lazy nurser. Especially that first week home. She will nurse for just a moment and be dead asleep. Oye! We've got work to do, wake up! But it's also adorable. Babies are just cute, especially when they are your own. And on a side note, I have been craving hamburgers like it's NOBODY'S business. As a general rule, I am not a ground beef person (I am really not a fan) so I will always get like a chicken sandwich when everyone else is getting burgers but since Scout was born, all I want are burgers. Particularly JCW and In N' Out (which I previously did not like their burger but now I devour them). I figure it's from all the blood loss? Or maybe it's a nursing thing? Who knows. 

We have noticed that she has strawberry blonde-ish hair. You can kinda tell in the picture below. We don't really know where it came from and it will be interesting to see where it goes. 

On Having a Second Child: Holy cow it is different. In many ways, it's easier. But in some ways, it's harder. Now, I must preface this by explaining that Geddy and Scout have been incredibly DIFFERENT babies. I remember a really hard time when Geddy was just a few weeks old and Chad had to go to bed because he had work in the morning and I was up with our screaming newborn. I was trying everything and finally found ourselves (me and the baby) sitting in the bathroom with the tub faucet running because Geddy kinda liked the sound of water. I was trying everything and just feeling so overwhelmed from this screaming baby. It was such a lonely feeling. That was one of the hardest moments about becoming a Mom. But because he was my first, I didn't know anything different so I just figured that most babies were like that. He was harder to console and satisfy, we would be frantically eating dinner while he just cried and cried because it was his fussy time. The first several weeks were brutally hard. That's the honest truth.

Now, I want to state that he was not a "bad baby" and she is a "good baby". No way, they are both perfectly amazing babies but they were just very different. And one of them was more challenging. But I never want to convey that either were at fault. So, when Scout came and is so pleasant and easy to keep happy, I was shocked. I told my Mother-in-Law that I feel like I can have more children this time around where it took me much longer to feel that way with our first. (Take note: it will still be several years before I have another though, don't get your hopes up!)

And I don't know that she will always be this way but so far, she seems very content. I hope it continues that way.

I will ALSO say that a big part of things being easier is that I have done it before. Oh my goodness, experience is a blessed thing. I don't panic nearly as often and I feel much more confident in how to help my child and what she needs. It actually makes me feel bad for poor Geddy because I had no idea what I was doing. Especially when it comes to nursing. Experience is everything when it comes to parenting. I didn't realize how much I had learned with my first AND how much it would help with my second. I also feel more laid back, which is big for me as I can get very anxious quickly.

Now, it is also harder because you've just added a very needy family member to your clan. So now you have to juggle two children with very different needs. And we are far from perfecting this. But, we're still standing. And we're still trying our best and that's what counts.

And that my friend, is our beautiful baby girl and our experience so far.

Happy Sunday!


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