Scout Ivy at 2 Months!

Holy cow, it's been 2 months since Scout arrived! It has truly flown by, way too fast. 

And I would also like to mention that we are potty training our Little Dude this week. He was so ready and honestly has done really well. BUT you know all those comments about people HATING potty training? I get it. I totally get it. Potty training is HARD. Particularly if you have a 3 year old who does NOT like being told what to do. We have had some pretty frustrating situations (like when he was in a "think time" and he deliberately peed on the floor). Geddy and I love each other so much, that's obvious but man, he thinks his Mama is some kinda joke. I get so little respect. I wish Daddy could be home all the time because he really cares about what his Dad says. Haha, I am just chopped liver! But, it's good. It's day 3 and he hasn't had any accidents since the first day. AND he is letting us know when he has to go which is a major improvement. He's done super good and has tried his best. Good Job Geddy!!! We are very proud of you!

So yeah, back to Scout. She is super great. Still sweet as a button and calm and patient. She sleeps about the same and is nursing pretty well. She smiles (especially when she is kinda sleepy and just nursed) and coos, it's so adorable. She is still a cuddle bug and loves being held. Scout is very strong and loves to stand and holds her head up really well. She hates her car seat. Loves bath time. She tolerates our little bouncy seat but hates the baby swing (why don't my children like those helpful inventions!?) Her right eye is really weepy. Sometimes she'll wake up with her eye sealed shut because it's all goopy. So we have to take special care of it and massage her little tear duct. We also put a little breast milk in it and it totally helps clear it up. Breast Milk is like magic potion! It also helped her baby acne to clear up. We just put the milk directly on her skin and it helped significantly. 

Having two kids is wonderful. It's hard. Super hard at times but we're making it work and are adapting constantly. Geddy is doing really well with his Sister and loves to give her snuggles and kisses. Geddy also loves it whenever Scout farts or burps. I am so lucky to be the Mother of these spectacular little children. I thank God every night. What a joy.

Geddy wanted to help take the pictures which was...interesting. 

Scout always looks sleepy or concerned, it's just her natural facial expression. Chad had those exact same bags under his eyes when he was a baby so that is where she got them from. Such a cutie.

As we were taking picture Scout slowly started to slide. She wasn't upset about it a bit.

And leave it to big brother to give you a poke when you're down. Haha, that's funny.

Sorry this is blurry! I just wanted to catch her fading smile!

So there you have it! That is our Little Lady (and some Little Dude too)!

We love these kids so much!

Happy Thursday!


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Laurel West said...

She is so squishy! I love her natural, calm face a lot