Forts for Days

We have been SO ILL. Oh my goodness. Chad caught an AWFUL cold last week that included fevers and a terrible sore throat. It was awful you guys. I think he caught it from Geddy but it was brutal. Then I caught it this week and thought I would surely perish. I had 2 fevers, 2 nights in a row of 102 degrees. Is that high? It seemed high. And it felt terrible.

I honestly feel like our family has been sick since Scout was born. Seriously, at least one of us has been battling a cough or cold for 2 months now. I am trying my best! I am hoping and, literally, praying that this will stop and that we can just get HEALTHY.

Anywho. I just wanted to say I am not dead. And I wanted to post some awesome pictures of my wonderful Spouse and Little Dude.

I didn't have a chance to blog on Father's day because I think one of us was super sick (haha- it's not that funny) so this can qualify as a post celebrating Chad's greatness.

Chad, you are truly the best Father (and husband) that I have ever seen. Our children will live blessed lives because you are their Dad. The best part of it is that you genuinely love being a Dad. We are the luckiest!

Also, my Dad is incredible too! We love you Dad! And Warren too! We love you Warren! (We did contact these awesome Father's on their special day, BTW. We aren't heartless).

So, sometime during our sick Haze, Chad mustered up some Magic energy and built a fort with Geddy. Now, I was thinking it would be like a cushion or two with some blankets but was amazed when I walked in his room. It was awesome! After they were done building it, they hid under it and ate fruit snacks and giggled. My heart exploded (not from illness this time but from love).

From the doorway.
Love these boys and lady pup!

And there you have it. Everyone pray that we can get healthy!

Happy Thursday!


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