Geddy Warren at 3 1/2 Years Old

And we can't forget about Big Brother! Geddy is about 3 1/2 years old now. He wanted to have his picture taken when I was taking Scout's so that's why he is chillin' in undies and a hoodie. We keep it casual in the de Lisle home, as you can tell. 

Geddy is quite the character. Still full of passion and he feels everything so deeply. If he is sad, he is really sad. If he is mad, he is really mad (and it often includes a couple punches and kicking from him). But when he is happy, he is TRULY happy. And when he is excited, he is very excited and it is extremely contagious. 

Geddy is still extremely active. This boy lives every moment of the day to the fullest. He wants to climb mountains and leap over buildings in a single bound (not literally of course). He is happiest being outside or wrestling or exploring or pretending to be hiding from monsters. Daddy is his favorite playmate because they can be real rough when they wrestle. They will stuff both their shirts with pillows and that makes the wrestling extra fun. Mama is too boring for that, let's be honest.

Although he still really loves dinosaurs and a good truck, Geddy has become ever more interested in Robots. I would love to find him a really cool robot toy, if anyone has a good one in mind, let me know! He still likes to read but would rather play with toys or be outside.

11 hours is about as long as we can get him to sleep at night and naps are a fading memory that happened a loooooong time ago (much to Mom's chagrin ). And when he is ready to wake in the morning, you know. Although he never leaves his room (I don't know how we taught him that but he has never even opened the door to come out on his own at night, we got lucky) he will lay at the foot of his door and yell with the most bellowing of voices, "OPEN DOOR DADDY". It can be quite alarming to hear in the quiet of the night.

I am grateful to say that Geddy has become slightly less picky. We still eat a lot of PB and J sandwiches (on whole wheat bread!) and chicken nuggets, I have now been able to sneak fruits into his diet. He loves fresh orange juice, which I was thrilled to find out. Got to get that vitamin C in there somehow. He also really likes those veggie chips that come in pringles-esq cans. And I fool myself into thinking they are fairly healthy. He will also eat apples and grapes. He really enjoys proteins, like chicken, steak, burger, and tuna every once in a while. Heck, I've even been able to make him a turkey sandwich a few times. This is an improvement people, we were at a standstill just a few months ago. He also eats a lot of yogurt and whole wheat toast. NO VEGGIES though. Like, NONE. So we take a daily vitamin, in hopes that will help him NOT get scurvy (j/k, I know that the Orange Juice will help with that but you get my point).

Geddy still loves nursery and is doing better with friends. We are obviously still learning to share and Geddy has some trust issues with other children. He often assumes they are going to be mean or take toys from him (which they might) so he always has his guard up a bit. I don't know where that came from. Maybe nursery? Haha. I have been really impressed by how well he gets the whole sharing thing. We have to clearly referee situations but if we remind him, he usually gets it pretty good. But he is still a 3 year old so we are always learning!

We have experienced some epic meltdowns, as many do with 3 year olds. But we work through them. Geddy has been working on his potty skills (I say working on because it is really a work in progress but he has done great for the most part). And he starts preschool in September but lets not discuss this because I may start crying or go into a full blown panic. Let's just say Mom isn't quite ready but it's time. Geddy's communication have also exploded in the last 6 months. Hurray!

Geddy absolutely loves his baby sister, Scout. He asks if he can kiss her on the cheek or snuggle her. Like multiple times, every day. He also likes to try and get her to laugh or smile which can get a bit crazy because the longer he tries tickling her or making funny noises or flapping her arms around, the more forceful/loud/violent it can become. He doesn't intentionally mean to get rough but it just happens when your 3 and full of life. So we work on being soft, often. :) In fact we are working on it as I write this and he is "snuggling" her on the couch next to me. Funny kiddos.

There are a few funny things that Geddy has started saying that I want to jot down really quickly.

1) "I'm too sick/tired" which usually means I don't want to go to bed or to leave Grandma's or Grandpa's house or any other activity that doesn't sound appealing to him. Classic!

2) If he can tell that Chad and I are sad or grumpy, he used to ask "are you happy?". That has been replaced with "you be happy". It's a command. Which we usually reply with "No, YOU be happy" and he laughs. Haha!

3) "We have to take a break". He started this one last night when we were trying to put him to bed so this one kinda goes along with #1.

4) Spontaneous prayers. Geddy has gotten really good at praying. Although he prays for the same things, it's nice to know that he has picked up on it. Sometimes, he will ask to say a prayer in the car. And then he will ask to say another one. Two in a row, just for good measure. You keep praying, little dude!

5) Slime and Putty. Chad and I made two first time parent mistakes by buying him putty and slime (on two different occasions). We quickly learned that putty and slime are both, indeed, difficult to clean out of carpet and clothing and are just too tempting to not smash into, both, carpet and clothing. Needless to say we threw both of those items away. Geddy has talked about them everyday since. Like a full on week. Everyday he brings them up and the fact that they were discarded and that the dump truck took them away. They really made an impact on his life so far.

Geddy is still very pleasant and a joy to be around, as long as you can keep up with him! I truly envy his energy. He is an absolute wonder and I learn from him constantly. You're incredible kid!

We love you Geddy!

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

I just love Geddy. I love the bit about how his attempts to make Scout smile get increasingly more forceful/loud/violent. That rings true around here too. It's almost like, "Adam, hurry up and smile before Abby loses it!"

Also, in the slime/putty department, I recommend kinect sand by brookestone. My kids (and every child we've ever introduced it to) love it! It's easy to sweep/vacuum and doesn't stick to clothes. We've used it again and again.