Scout Ivy Baby Blessing at 3 Months Old

Watching her big Brother.

My Baby is 3 Months Old! Whaaaaa?! I cannot tell you how fast it has gone by. Woo, it's crazy. I felt like those first months with Geddy were SOOOO long but not this time. Life is just flying by. And Summer is almost over.

2 weeks ago, Chad gave Scout a Name and Blessing at our Church. It was so amazing and incredibly special. I am so grateful for all the loved ones that were there to support us. It was a big day for our little sister. She was calm and collected during the entire blessing, as she is in general. Some things that really stood out in her blessing were:

- The Spirit will be an early playmate in her life.
- She will seek good things in her life.
- That she may be free of addictive behaviors.
- She will be blessed with protection from the expectations of society and the media.
- That she may seek to define herself by Heavenly Father's definition.
- She will be able to attend and marry in the temple.
- Many around her will seek her wisdom, leadership, and counsel.

It was truly a beautiful blessing. This girl is incredibly loved.

After the blessing we went to Lindon Park and did a brunch with everybody but I didn't get pictures because THAT'S HOW I ROLL. Jokes, I am just terrible at taking pics now. It kinda stresses me out and I wanted to enjoy myself. Deal with it.

These pictures of her in this white dress is actually her blessing gown! My Mom offered to buy her a real official gown (you know the fancy ones) but they aren't really my style. Too much fuss, I suppose. So I opted to go with a really simple eyelet lace number and couldn't have been happier. I made the white bow and we had her wear her moccs because I tried 2 other pairs of shoes that were different and a bit dressier but they didn't fit! Honestly though, I am happy with the moccasins. Thank you so much for the dress Mom, we will cherish it always!

Her blessing day couldn't have gone better, seriously, it was a joyous day. We were so happy to celebrate this little Sister of ours.

On her blessing day! I love this family of mine, so much. 
She wasn't all that impressed however. I love this pic. 

Now, let's discuss what Scout is like at 3 months, shall we?

Scout is a special baby. She is calm. She is sweet and soothing. I have explained that she brings a lot of balance to our family. I have two children at different ends of the active and energetic spectrum (for now, at least) and I love them both equally. It's nice having the balance.

I explained to Chad that Scout brings a peace to me that reminds me a lot of the peace he brings me. Like Chad, she is calm and pleasant. Very likable and loving. (Geddy are many of those things too!). I was always skeptical of little girls. Like there was no way they would be as amazing as little boys. But honestly, they are equally awesome and I am thrilled that I get to experience both.

Baby ankles crossed.

I remember that Geddy would get mad sometimes as a baby. And that fit his fiery personality and his thirst to survive at birth. With Scout, when she gets upset, it often feels like she is just so offended. As if her deepest feelings are so hurt. So it's a sadness rather than anger. I am sure anger will come but we just haven't experienced it yet.

Scout is not as friendly and smiley as Geddy was. Scout only smiles at people she knows and recognizes and even then you have to work for it a bit. Except for when you are changing her diaper, she loves that. It's odd really. She is all smiles. She also gets really smiley and talkative before naps and before she gets cranky and tired. We have yet to hear a real belly laugh but we are hearing little giggly-like sounds, a belly laugh is soon to follow.

She nurses really well and sleeps like a dream. She is still in our bed (*cringe*, I know) but why fix what isn't broken? And no, we don't plan on sleeping with her forever and we will have to do sleep training really soon (she is getting close to being ready) so that will end soon. But I am not gonna lie, those 8 hours of straight sleep at night are pretty amazing, can you blame me for not wanting to move her.

Much like her brother, she isn't really into the swaddling thing. We tried and tried and tried but she always wiggled out or would wake up like a crazy person in an asylum demanding freedom. So now she just wears a long sleeved number so her arms don't get cold and we swaddle her from the armpits down and the arms free. It works for us. We did the same thing G. Scout is 100% a tummy sleeper. I can't wait for her to learn to roll back and forth so we can just fully embrace the tummy sleeping thing. I let her nap on her tummy when I am around and constantly check on her because it's the way she sleeps best. But then it worries me.

Also, like her brother, she loathes her carseat. Unless she is asleep or we are constantly moving, she is unhappy. Still not a big fan of the baby swing and tolerates the bouncy seat for a bit but don't bet on it for very long. She gives Mama time for a quick shower while she is in the bouncy seat but once I am out, I better hustle because she grows quickly impatient.

When we settle her down for sleep and she is drowsy she does the most pathetic whimper as we lay her down. It's like she thinks she is gonna put up a big fuss but totally surrenders. When she is really tired and in a light state of sleep she does this naughty thing where she plays with her pacifier with her hands. Often time she pulls her pacifier completely out of her mouth and then cries sadly because "someone" took it away. It drives me nuts but is equally adorable. Funny girl.

Scout has two different nicknames that we call her most. The first one is "Little Sister/Sis/Sissy" and the second is "Scooter".

At her 2 Month appointment, she was in the 95% for height, 80% for head and 50% for weight. She is our LONG baby!

3 Months is looking good on you Scout!

I wrote Geddy a letter on his Blessing Day and would like to do the same for Scout now.

To My Scout Ivy,

Scout, I connected with you from the minute you were born. Delivering you was one of my biggest physical and mental achievements to this day. It was hard and exhausting but the end reward was unexplainably great. You are a gift to me, your Mother. You've been sweet and soothing from the get go, crying only when you need something and easily soothed by gentle love.

You have shown me a different side of life. A very sensitive, embracing, side. One that has made me grow as a Mother but also as a whole person. Not only have you changed your Mother but you have drastically changed and improved the lives of your Father and your Big Brother. Both those males love you so deeply. Geddy has never resented you but has poured love all over you. Your bond will be strong with your brother, if you let it. And I encourage that you do. 

I sense that you will be a ponderer, that you will truly allow things to soak in and analyze them. Scout, don't let anyone change who you are. You have been blessed with a divinity and you must stand for what you believe in your gut. Know that you are intelligent and that your thoughts and ideas are important. That you can be a strong leader and that you can make an impact on others, whether it be in a family of your own or your education or work; you can do this in all aspects of your life. And with your great strength, allow your tenderness and sweetness to accompany it-- for there is strength in compassion and love. 

Most of all, know that you are so loved. There is not a day in your life when your family hasn't loved you. Not a single day where your Big Brother hasn't kissed you on the cheek or asked to snuggle you. Your Father beams when he holds you and bounces you gently to sleep. We are, and always will be, your biggest fans. We are here to teach you and help you understand this big, incredible, world. It is no coincidence you were sent to us. We need you just as much as you need us. 

Scout, you have brought a peace into my life and I am confident that you will do the same to many others you meet on your journey here on Earth. Never loose that peace. Protect it, cherish it, nourish it. For that Peace is one of your gifts from God. 



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