Scout Ivy at 4 Months

Scout is 4 Months old! And what a doll she is. 

Scout is rolling over from her tummy to her back constantly and chews on her fists. She holds her head and back up like a champ and has officially found her feet! 

She still does naughty things like while she is dozing off, she takes one of her darling little fingers and hooks it under her pacifier and pulls it out. And then she cries and cries. What is that instinct? Why does she do it? It's like she can't help herself. Silly girl.

I have officially named her little Owl Gretchen! 

When she is really mad and lying down on her tummy, she burrows her head and feet in the ground and sticks her chubby, diaper, butt, into the air and yells. It's the cutest thing. And she has started to move more when lying by herself. I will come into the room and she will be at a totally different angle and further away than how she started. It's pretty awesome. 

When Scout is mad at us for not picking her up and once we FINALLY come and get her, she lets out this funny sigh/snort that sounds like a horse. You know the one. It's as if she is saying "you people are the worst" or "it's about dang time". It's one of my very favorite things and she has done it since birth. 

Scout has had quite a few colds. A lot more than Geddy did at this age. But with Geddy, I never really left the house because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN STRESSFUL. Haha, I've come a long way. Also, I think having an older brother who is now in preschool and constantly touching Scout's hands/face/feet/everything spreads germs quickly. This last cold she had was super sad. She had a terrible fever and then her throat hurt so bad she would barely eat. It was way sad. And we saw a different side of her. She was SENSITIVE. If I coughed a tiny bit while nursing and it startled her, she would unlatch and just wail. And it would go ON and ON and ON. I think we have a bit of a cry baby on our hands. Which is okay but man, it was silly. We are so glad that she is back to good health now and hope to keep her that way! 

Still nurses really well and sleeps okay. Once we hit 4 months, she became a little harder to keep asleep and get asleep. We are working on it. I am thinking of doing some sleep training at 5 months if I can muster the strength. Scout still loves to cuddle. When I go to lay her down for naps, she likes me to hold her while we are both on our sides and hold her hand (that naughty hand that pulls out the pacifier). It's very darling. She is definitely a sweet baby and may be manipulating her Mama just slightly. But why not hold her to sleep while she is little? I may have to break the habit later but they are only little once! 

Scout is still super tall for her age at about 95%. She has a big head at about 80% and is slender at around 40%. She basically has the body percentages I wish I had. Jokes, I love my body. 

Geddy absolutely loves her. Truly, he does. He asks to snuggle her on the daily and will try to play with her. And she has started to smile at him a lot more. They really like each other and it makes my heart EXPLODE. Like, take me to the hospital, tender. He loves to help her take baths (she LOVES baths) and gives her kisses on her cheeks. It's wonderful. Having two kids can be hard but even more rewarding. Because the love feeds off of each other and just expounds. Bless these little spirits in my life. I feel so lucky. 

She still hates her car seat. You should see her face when ever she is in it. If she isn't crying she is rocking an old, grouchy, man face. I'll have to take a picture to document it. 

And there you have it! Our sweet Little Sister. She is such a joy and makes us all so happy. We love you Scooter (that is the nickname that has stuck, sorry Scout!). 

Happy Thursday!


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