Pumpkin Patch Fun!

As a parent, you feel certain pressures/responsibilities. One of which is to do fun things for your children, even if they don't seem particularly fun for one's self. Going to a Pumpkin Patch is one of those particular activities for me. 

Being an anxious individual, I don't love crowds. And crowds was exactly what we found at Cornbelly's one Friday afternoon. But, I put my instinct to run to the car and bolt aside and put on a brave face for my kiddos. I am no hero, just a social weirdo. But I try my best to not let that affect (or is it effect?) my children. 

At first, all of us were a little overwhelmed. Corbelly's is quite the event! There is tons to do but it can be a little hard to take in at first. Geddy was feeling a bit taken back by everything that was going on. And I totally get it (he probably got it from me, sorry buddy!). So, we wanted to find something that would really spark his interest. 

We looked at all the things that I have seen other people kid's enjoying. Like the kid's maze or giant slide or the pile of dried corn kernals that the kids can play in. He was not fond of any of it, wanting nothing to do with those. I started to sweat, maybe paying $35+ on tickets was a bad move? Maybe this place wasn't worth it? 

But THEN. Geddy saw it. A massive blow up monster. One that allows you to enter his mouth and go through a little spooky house. Geddy was officially sold. We went through it over and over and over again. Chad and I would take turns going through it with him while the other would stay out with Scout and the Stroller (although she went through once and was totally cool with it, what a sport!). We honestly went through it 10 times and then we tried the scary clown maze. That was another massive success. We would go through over and over and over again. 

In front of the awesome Monster Maze
The scary Clown Maze.

He really loved it. Geddy's face would light up and he would pretend to be spooked. We spent a majority of our time going through these different mazes/spooky house and it finally felt like we got our monies worth. Scout started to get tired of waiting so we decided to wander around and find some other fun things now that we had warmed up to it a bit. 

In the Driver's Seat!

The other thing that Geddy really loved was the cool wooden trucks/bus/cars that the kids could climb in and play. He was particularly interested in driving each vehicle and did a really good job waiting his turn (which some of the other kids did not do, I had to get straight up Mama Bear a few times). He really loved it. We walked around looking for these different vehicles that he could play with and also offered face paint or jumping on this big bubble thing but Little Dude was not interested. 

Although our little family didn't seem to be interested in the most popular activities, it was still delightful to see Geddy light up and get excited about our family outing and something festive! And in those bright smiles and genuine laughs, I finally understood why we parents do these (sometimes uncomfortable) things. It's to see those grins and make those memories. 

We knew it was time to go when the tears and mini tantrums began. After about 2 hours, we had our fill and got treats and slurpees on the way home. A good day indeed.

Me and my Girl.

And I must give Scout props. She was pretty much content in her stroller the entire time. I thought surely she would get tired and begin to fuss but she really held it together like a champ. It probably helped that there was so much to see. 

Happy Friday!


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