Halloween 2015!

**I don't know why the text in the post is centered. I tried to fix it but got frustrated and gave up. 

So, I have been sick for the last 2+ months. It's been weird and horrible and the Doctor's don't know what's wrong (maybe I'll expound on that a bit later). So, Halloween crept up on me a bit.

Geddy loves Halloween and all things spooky. This is probably his very favorite Holiday and for good reason because it's awesome! I really love Halloween as well and it's even more fun with kids. A few weeks ago, I talked to Geddy about what he would like to dress up as for Halloween. We discussed being a monster, dinosaur, robot--things that he loves but none of those really interested him. So I was worried because I really wanted him to be something that he was EXCITED about. 

In order to get him a little more interested, I looked up some kids' costumes on Amazon and we took a look together. And then he saw the Green Power Ranger costume and was sold. I was shocked because he has had very little experience with Power Rangers but he just really loved the idea. So we got it. And he talked about it for weeks! I was relieved to find something that he was so excited about. 

With Scout, we knew we wanted her to be an Old Woman. We dressed Geddy up as an Old Man for his first Halloween and thought it would be cute to make it a tradition. 

Geddy as an old man for his first Halloween!

So, here is Scout as an Old Lady! She has a cardigan, little crocheted color, pearls, a pin and a hanky to cover her bald head. I don't know that she looks that old but it was last minute and the best we could do. 

We went trick or treating and Geddy loved it. He was so good at knocking on the door, saying TRICK OR TREAT with excitement, grabbing his own candy and saying "Thank You!" at the end. It was such a great time. Geddy loved every minute and Scout was a real trooper and as pleasant as could be. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Olson's house and trick or treated in their neighborhood. Grandma Glenna came along too so he got to see a bunch of people he loves! Such a treat! 

I hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween too! 

Happy Monday!


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