Scout Ivy: 6 Months!

Annnnnnnd my baby is 6 months old. When the crap did that happen!? I can't even believe it. I totally missed her 5 months blog post because I was in the throws of YEAST, haha. But here she is at 6 months! 

So lets talk all about this little lady. She is a DREAM. Truly, as I have been struggling with these health issues, I have always felts so blessed to have such a sweet tempered baby during this trial. I know it is no coincidence, it is a true and divine blessing!

Scout is still so sweet and calm. She loves being held and snuggled and would prefer to sleep all night in your arms (but we aren't doing that anymore!). Speaking of sleep, she is doing a pretty good job! She naps really well, usually 2-3 a day, depending on our schedule and is getting better at sleeping in her crib at night. When in her crib at night, she usually sleeps for about 8 hours and then we nurse and go back to bed (in my bed, naughty, I know) for another 3 hours. It's working out pretty well.

We started swaddling her again because she is SO grabby with her hands. As she drifts to sleep, she pulls out her pacifier without realizing it. It is so naughty but incredibly cute. She also flails her arms like crazy when she wakes up. You cant tell she is tired of being pent up all night while swaddled so she moves like a crazy person once she gets out. And we have to double swaddle her because she is like Houdini and can get out of anything! And then she can't fall asleep with her arms out. It's a hard struggle to be such a little cutie.

We started solids this month! Scout was not fond of the rice cereal the first time. She cried and cried, sensitive little thing. But, we started mixing in watered down pear juice and she tolerates it. We've been working on it for about 2 weeks and she is still pretty uncertain about the whole thing. She does this thing where she pinches her mouth together so tight (think of a little pursed turtle mouth) so that I can't get the spoon in there. It's funny and impenetrable! Just this week we introduced peas and she hated them. Don't blame her. She ate maybe 3 tiny bites and then she pinched those lips and the game was over.

Scout loves her big brother, Geddy! He makes her laugh and smile and she will giggle just looking at him. And he absolutely adores her, he requests that we all climb in our big bed to snuggle at least once a day. Its so wonderful to witness. Geddy loves helping with bath time too.

Scout can now roll both ways. she doesn't do it very often but I have witnessed it! She really likes to sit and stand. We will put her in her high chair with a blanket for support and she will play with her toys really well for a while. It's nice to find the things that will entertain her for a bit while I get things done. She isn't able to sit up on her own yet but I can tell she is getting closer.

Still a pretty serious baby. She is really smiley with Chad, Geddy and I but not to strangers or very many other people. Strangers will constantly try saying hi and get her to smile but she is just stone cold giving the same face pictured below. It's actually a little awkward because they try and try and I have to tell them that she is just a serious baby. But then if our little family tries, she is all smiles.

Scout is very tactile motivated. Does that make sense? I mean that she is really interested in exploring things with her hands. She is constantly wanting to grab and flail her arms until she finds something interesting to touch. While nursing she will constantly be grabbing at my lips and face (which drives me nuts sometimes so I have to hold her little hand) or she will play with her ear while nursing. I don't remember Geddy being that way as much as she is. She really likes playing with bright colored toys and they keep her pretty entertained for a while (Geddy was never that fond of baby toys, the differences are so interesting).

I think she may be started to teethe. Last week she was really fussy for a day or two and her bottom gums seem a little swollen. I can tell it's just the beginning. Oh teething, you last so long and make babies so sad. The worst!

And that is our big girl! We love you Scout!

Happy Wednesday!


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