When Yeast Gets You Down

So, life has been far from glamorous lately. I can easily say that the past 3 months have been some of the most difficult in my whole life. We have had a lot of really hard things happen to our family but the hardest for me has been my health.

A picture that has nothing to do with this post. But it's Fall!

It all started 3 months ago when Scout and I got Thrush. For those who do not know, Thrush is a yeast infection of the breast tissue. The baby can catch it from nursing and then you can pass it back and forth between Baby and Mother unless both parties are properly treated. So, we started treating that. Scout's Thrush went away really quickly with no problems. I had a much harder time getting rid of it though.

When a Mother gets Thrush, they often get a vaginal yeast infection as well. And boy did I get one. I battled with Thrush and severe yeast infections for over 2 months. It was SO bad that I broke out in a terrible rash all over my legs as well. I saw multiple Doctors, including a Dermatologist and stumped each one of them. Apparently, my body had an allergic reaction to the yeast infection? That's the only thing they could think of.

Now, before you ask "have you cut back on sugar?" (which will make me want to cut you, haha), I will tell you that I changed my diet drastically. Stopped drinking caffeine cold turkey, started eating all natural yogurt for the good bacteria. Cutting back on sugar drastically and focusing on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Drinking ridiculous amounts of water. Reading high and low about natural remedies and medications. I would rinse my nipples with a vinegar/water solution after every feeding. I tried 3 different meds until finally finding a good combination of what worked for me.

When I saw my OB/GYN, she said it was the worst yeast problem she had ever seen but still had no idea why I had such a severe rash on my legs. The Thrush, yeast infections, and rash would keep me up at night. I would scratch so hard that I would bleed, even scratching off layers of skin. It was complete agony. Truly horrid. At one point I had scabs on the backs of knees about the size of a pop tart, even though THOSE scabs have healed, there are still scars.

After 2 months, I finally got the Thrush and yeast infections under control. Thank heaven, they were truly awful. Unfortunately, I still have a rash. I have seen my dermatologist 4 times and have gotten tests done. They still don't know whats causing it. I am going to a specialist on Wednesday in hopes for some more insight on the situation.

I have tried creams and ointments but the only thing that has even helped is taking a steroid. The problem is, each time I taper off of it, it flares back up in new places, sometimes on my face. Last time it effected my eyes and made the skin around them incredibly irritated and I would wake up with my eyes crusted shut because they were constantly wheeping. The super fun thing about the steroid is that it makes me retain water so my face gets swollen and makes me look super chubby. Also, the nightly headaches have become a new familiar friend. The worst part is, the meds only calm the rash down, it never goes completely away, it just numbs it a bit.

Horribly irritated eyes. Also some of the rash on my chin and those red spots are old hives, not zits. 

Now, I don't mean to complain. This has been a real trial for me, for sure but I don't write it down so that I can make people feel bad for me. I just need to express where I have been lately. Why I have been so MIA in life. I have often contemplated why this is happening. I remember waking Chad up a few times in the middle of the night when it was so bad so he could hold my hands and help me not scratch. I would dread showering each day because the water would bother it, I constantly felt like my skin was crawling but I realized that there may not be a reason, it's just part of life.

What I would like to focus on now, is fighting for good health. Growing up, I was pretty healthy. Mainly because my Mom fed me really healthy food and I played lots of sports but as an adult, its been harder to make those good decisions for myself (as embarrassing as that is). These last 3 months have taught me to value good health AND to work hard for it. Changing the way I eat has been really hard but has improved my life a lot. And the biggest thing is, I don't want this change to be short term, I want it to be a life change. A change that will help me have more energy and feel my best.

It's a journey. I am trying to take it day by day, I don't want to feel like "I've done it! I've won!" because that will make me stop trying.

So here is to good health!

I hope you have good health and hope to find it myself.

Happy Monday!


Also, both kids vommited in the middle of the night on Saturday. We woke up and noticed our house smelled like puke, so fun! Luckily, they are both doing loads better. Hurrah! And this is a picture that Geddy took of himself. Funniest kid.

Playing with Mom's camera. 

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