Christmas 2015

Our Christmas season was wonderful. We did fun things like visiting a live nativity with friends, played in the snow, learning about Baby Jesus' Birth, making a Christmas craft, and donating some things to a family in need. We also watched The Grinch about a bajillion times (G really grew fond of it). We ended up doing so many fun things with friends and family that we never got a chance to build our gingerbread house. I still have it in the box and everything! But it was truly a full month of wonderful things. 

Me and Geddy made this Christmas Tree out of a Pringles Can. 

Here is also a Christmas Picture dump! 

Grandma Glenna's Birthday is on Christmas Eve! So the last few years, I have made her a carrot cake from scratch. It's a fun tradition and I like doing it because I really love that woman. She is golden. On the 23rd we went to Grandma Glenna's house and celebrated her wonderful Birthday. After we ate an incredible ham and potatoes dinner, we put the kiddos to bed. 

The boys' played some video games while we all sat together and chatted. It was relaxed and wonderful. And her cabin is so inviting. She has an incredible eye for decor and when we walked in, it looked like a Christmas Dreamland. The pictures I took don't even do it justice. Later that night, Chad had a chance to play some guitar with Grandma Glenna. It was super sweet. They don't have the opportunity to do that often so it was a wonderful moment. 

Glenna's Carrot Cake!
Chad and Glenna playing guitar together. 

The next morning (the 24th) we got up and ate a bunch of delicious breakfast foods. Geddy and Chad went out and played in the snow. You can see how BEAUTIFUL the view is. And it snowed a TON this year. It was a White Christmas for sure! Chad and Geddy built a little tunnel and made snow angles. They had a ton of fun.

The amazing view. 

Poor Uncle Aj had to work at like 4:30 am until about 11 am so the family wanted to wait to do our Christmas gift opening until he got home. Once he arrived, we busted open all the presents. We were all so spoiled. Especially Geddy and Scout! Those kids sure are lucky to have so much family that loves them so dearly.

Uncle Jordy and Aunt Kate got him this awesome Ninja Turtle Costume. He loved it!
And Uncle Jordy and Aunt Kate got Scout this adorable Penguin Beanie! 
View of her living room from upstairs. Geddy is pretending to be Doctor and Kate is
pretending to be sick.

After we opened presents and relaxed for a little while, we packed up the car and headed home. At this point the children were exhausted and frankly crabby from all the fun. Geddy totally crashed in the car. He was being really grumpy and whining and then suddenly it was completely quiet back there. I looked back and found him as pictured below.

That night (Christmas Eve), we stayed home and put the kids to bed so they could get some good SLEEP (which they needed). Normally, we get chinese food and do legos while watching LOTR. This year, we got to Panda Express too late so we just made some tortellini and garlic bread (which still hit the spot) and watched LOTR. We pulled out the Legos but didn't end up putting any together because I was exhausted and just wanted to SIT. SITTING sounded best so we did that. It was still so much fun but it did feel great to relax.

The Next Morning, Geddy woke up at about 7:45am and came into our room. So we woke up Scout and headed into the living room. I completely forgot to take a picture of our pretty tree and all the presents freshly wrapped so instead, I photographed the result of opening all the presents. I'm all about being realistic so there you go.

Geddy got a "Walking Dinosaur" that he has talked about for Months. It was awesome to see him SO excited. Scout got that exersaucer which she liked the first day but now hates it...bummer. After presents, Chad made us Orange Rolls and Hot Chocolate, per tradition. It tasted delicious and looked so pretty.

In the afternoon, we went over to the Olson's and had a delicious dinner and played Games, exchanged White Elephant Gifts and played out the Nativity story. I love the Nativity Play that my family puts on. All the children get to participate and we sing Christmas Songs during it and it's just a really sweet moment. Geddy got to be a Wise Man and Scout was a little sheep. They both did a great job.

Geddy and some of his Uncles as Wise Men. 
The entire cast of the Nativity. 

This Christmas was wonderful. Filled with friends and family. I am so grateful for my family and to celebrate Scout's first Christmas! She was such a wonderful baby during all the festivities. And Geddy has been doing so well with all of his cousins. He really loves them. He doesn't know all of their names so he just calls them "kids". He'll say, "come on kids! lets play", it's adorable. Good people, wonderful memories! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. 

Happy Sunday!


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