Geddy Warren: 4 Years Old

Geddy is 4 years old! Hurrah! 

Geddy is the best kid ever. As always, he has such a love for life. He loves to have fun and laugh and run and play. We are always on our toes with this one. 

Geddy is still a total morning person, waking up at any time between 7-8am. He still sleeps like a champ, has since he was a baby. He has finally started opening the door in the morning and coming into our room to get Daddy. Chad is wonderful and always gets up with Geddy so I can get just a few more minutes of sleep. He is so wonderful.

Geddy has started to really like transformers and playing with guys (like Star Wars). He still enjoys dinosaurs and loves playing with puddy or slime. He has become particularly fond of Legos! I am usually the one who puts them together and he watches because they are kind tricky for him still BUT he really likes them! Our Little Dude still loves all things spooky. This last Christmas season we watched the live action Grinch movie and Geddy loved it, in all it's creepy glory.

These two!

Fruit snacks are still his food of choice. That and BACON. This kid could eat an entire pack of bacon, he loves it so much. He also enjoys pizza, hamburgers, yogurt, waffles, apples, grapes, CHIPS (chips are another favorite), soda pop, whip cream, and chicken (or other meats which he always refers to as chicken). That's basically all he eats. Oh and Toast! He loves whole wheat toast. He is still pretty picky and eats the same things most days but we round it out with vitamins and lots of water (he isn't terribly fond of milk).

With Geddy starting preschool this year, he has blossomed a bit more socially. He loves playing with all his cousins at the Olson Family events and really loves Primary (which he started this year) and Preschool has gone SO well. It's been such a positive thing in our lives. He still loves reading books before bed each night and we have been working more and more on his letters (it's his Preschool "homework"). And he got a big BIG boy bed this year, instead of a toddler bed. But of course, he still sleeps on the floor by the door most nights. Haha, he is so funny.

Every time I drop Geddy off at preschool, he runs up the path yelling "I am Geddy! I am Geddy!". He gets so excited that he doesn't know what to say. And his wonderful teacher always greats him and says "Hi Geddy! I am so glad you are here!" We love preschool.

Every night, in order to get him to bed, we do a train ride to his room. Chad says "Ok, the train is leaving the station!" and we put a blanket on the floor. Geddy sits on the blanket and Chad drags the blanket to Geddy's room. It started out that way but has since evolved into MOM laying on the blanket while Chad drags her (sorry Chad) and Geddy chases me and pretends to get me. It's cute and acutely exhausting to Chad but heck, it gets the kid to bed!

Geddy is fully potty trained! It was a battle you guys. He understood it and could do it entirely on his own but he just didn't want to do it. We tried prizes and treats but he just hated taking a break to go potty. So we had lots of accidents. But then, one day, something clicked and he stopped. Now he is able to do it by himself and will even let us know he needs to go so we have very few accidents (as long as we make sure he goes potty before we are out and about for a long time). It's been a huge relief.

One of the funniest things he does is that when he needs to go poopy, he takes the iPad so he can watch shows while going potty. Best of all, he tells us to turn off the lights and shut the door. So he is on the potty, completely naked (he doesn't want to get his clothes dirty), in absolute darkness while he watches his show. He will be in there for 20 minutes sometimes! It's hilarious.

Cracking eggs! Geddy loves to cook with Chad and Chad always lets him. It's so sweet, Chad is incredibly patient with him when they cook together. I was amazed how great he does when he cracks eggs all by himself! He rarely gets any shell in there too. He loves to help Daddy cook.

Geddy watches kid review videos on Youtube (they are totally child friendly) and he loves them. So one of his favorite things to do is make a sandwich with Mom or Dad and pretend he is making a video so he will say "Hi Kids!" and then he will introduce me or Chad to the pretend audience. Then he will say things like "tell me your favorite sandwich in the comments below" and then at the end, we will all say "Bye! See you next time". It's pretty amazing.

Geddy still talks like crazy. He is just like Chad when he was little. In fact, if Chad and I are having a serious conversation and are talking without him, he will start talking really loudly and intensely about this or that. It is actually slightly frustrating but it's nice to know that he will defend himself (even though no one is attacking him, haha). 

Here are some of his phrases or convos that are my favorite:

- "I have a good idea!"
- "I love you, Mama"
- "You look very beautiful"
- "I am not a baby at all"
- "I want to go on the alligator" (instead of elevator)
- "I live with Grandma" (which he doesn't but he tells strangers that all the time).
- "I am a hard worker" 

It's been an incredible 4 years. This boy is such a light in our lives. He has such a passion for life, it's inspiring.

We love you Geddy!

Happy Wednesday!


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