Scout Ivy: 8 Months

Scout is 8 Months Old! What a big girl she is. It's funny, to me she is still 3 months old. Seriously, she still feels like a little baby to me.

Let's get down to business.

Scout just wants to be held. We got her a fun bouncer/exersaucer for Christmas in hopes that she would enjoy it. She doesn't. Whenever I get her close to it she starts cry. *Sigh* So close. She likes to sit up on her own when she is in a good mood but that only lasts for a little while and then she wants to be held. She is rolling and scooting like crazy and can sit up all by herself! 

She hates solid foods and baby food. Like, she will barely eat it. And it's getting worse over time. So at this rate, we will be nursing until she is like 12. But really, did anyone else out there have a baby who hates solids? I have tried everything. From eating at different times of day, waiting til she is hungry, different temperatures but she just doesn't want it. She also seems to have a super sensitive gag reflex which makes it hard. Any advice is appreciated! 

She has become slightly more smiley and friendly. Not a ton but a bit. She will smile for other people easier but is still cautious around people she doesn't know well. She loves and ADORES Geddy. He will make her laugh just by smiling at her. She probably laughs the most for Geddy. She fusses when he walks away from her. And Geddy loves her back. They get along smashingly right now. Scout is still a Mama's girl. I am the only one who can get her to sleep. She loves her Daddy and he is a bowl of mush for her (which is part of the reason why I am the only one who can get her to sleep. Someone named Daddy doesn't like it when she cries). She has started to notice our Lady Pup but doesn't seem to think much about it.

Speaking of sleep. She is pretty good at it. Not amazing but alright. She still wakes up every night to eat and will sleep for about a 9 hour stretch at night before she needs to eat. She naps ok. Poor thing doesn't get the most constant naps though because we have preschool drop off and pick up that totally interrupt our schedule. But Geddy loves it so it's worth it.

When we nurse (which she does like a champ) she still always has her fingers in my ear or mouth. When she is tired and we go in to get ready for a nap by rocking in the rocking chair, her fingers immediately search for my mouth and ear. It use to drive me crazy but now I just expect it.

This little sister has us completely smitten. Each and every one of us. She is sweet and serious, calm and full of light. What a glorious baby she has been. So amazing.

We love you Baby Scout!

Happy Wednesday!


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