3/11/16 Lately and iPhone Dump

Dropping Geddy off at Preschool. 

Here is just a run down of life lately.

We are so grateful for our lives and the beautiful children we have. We are so grateful for our apartment, Chad's opportunity for a higher education. We are so grateful for our glorious marriage and friendship. We're grateful for the food on our table and for Chad's fantastic job.

On a date with Mom and Dad. 
So tired at Church. 

And although we are so grateful, the last 7 months or so have just seemed HARD. Not hard all the time but it's just like things haven't flowed very easily. There always seems to be something super stressful on our minds. From health, to money, to being so busy all the time, searching for a new job (which Chad found and loves!). Just so much adult stuff and it's been a little bit of a bummer.

At the Provo Temple open House with Grandma Glenna.
Took Geddy to the Movies.

For example, in the last 3 weeks, Scout went from having a cold one week to terrible teething the next and then this week, she has had an AWFUL cold. The poor thing just hasn't been herself. She just crawls after me all day whining. All she want is to be held and she can't sleep well. It's been a challenging time for sure. And Geddy has been sick twice this month too with the most horrifying cough. We did really good all Winter but I tell ya, our family gets sick every time the seasons change.

Ready for Preschool!
I caught him sleeping with his light on. 
They are my life. 
Standing up all over the place. 

Chad has been working SO hard at work. He is giving his all and I am so grateful that I married such a hard worker. It really impresses and inspires me. On top of getting his book of business built at work, he is also trying to do well in his last classes. Did you catch that? LAST classes. He graduates in April. PRAISE THE LORD (and I am not saying that in vain). He has worked so hard for so long and I am so incredibly proud of him. He has worked so hard for this education, all while trying to support his family. And in a very small way, I feel like I am graduating too because it's been a journey.

Scout is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on everything. Geddy is hilarious and turning more into a big boy everyday. Talking like crazy, making up bizarre stories. He is super awesome.

Geddy's Craft Wall! My favorite place in the house. 
Geddy really wanted me to take this picture...ha. 
Lookin' awesome at the park. 

I've been thinking about what our plan is for the summer. Both Geddy and I have loved Preschool each week. In fact, we will greatly miss it during Summer Break. I am thinking of getting him signed up for Swim Lessons and then maybe getting one of those Family Passes to Thanksgiving Point. Do any of you have experience with either Swim Lessons in AF or PG and the Thanksgiving Point passes. Are the passes worth it? And where is a good place for Swim Lessons. Suggestions encouraged!

We just need to stay busy. I am a big home body but Geddy needs to GO GO GO. We need a good activity each day or else we get cranky and destructive. What other things do you and your kids do during the Summer? Obviously, lots of park time and going for walks and....what else?

Park hopping.
Eating bark.
Those two. 

So, here is to hoping things calm down a little bit, yes? I can tell you that I am excited for the weekend. For sure. Plus, Chad said he would make banana bread tonight so, score!

Happy Friday!


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Samantha Tingey said...

I have a thanksgiving point pass, and I love it! My twins are just now starting to walk, but we've gone with them several times in the past few weeks, and each time they love it! I generally take them to the Museum of Natural Curiosity, but they also enjoyed the Museum of Ancient Life. The gardens open for the season soon, and they just did a huge overhaul and now they're better than ever and more kid-friendly! I think you and your cute kiddos would all love a pass.