Geddy's Birthday Celebration!

**Did you notice that I changed my blog around a bit. I spent way too much time doing it but oh well! 

Our first born had a Birthday...2 months ago. Oye! I am so behind! 

Anyway, Geddy turned 4! Oh, he is such a special little dude. He is happy and vibrant (as he has always been) and has a thirst for fun and life. 

Everytime G has a birthday, I always think "I am gonna throw a big party for him!" and then his Birthday comes and I think, why? The Boy is so happy just doing fun things as a family, I will wait to throw parties until he starts asking for them. We still make a day all dedicated to him but we just keep it to our little family because it's easier and more intimate. It's sweet! 

Flying the Airplane
Playing in the water!
Mad that I was taking a picture. Drama.

So for his Birthday this year, Chad took work off and we went to the Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We have only been there once before, about a year prior so we thought we would go again. Geddy LOVED it. He and Dad went through the cool monkey/maze/play place a million times and we just let Geddy take the lead. We stayed as long as he wanted. After we had our fill, we went and got some dinner. 

Just being a pirate.
Making all the Moms laugh. "Arggg!"
Making the train move. 

Again, we let Geddy decide. And he chose Pizza! So we grabbed a pizza and headed home to eat it and let Scout nap. Once Scout was napped and happy, we went to Toys R Us. Now, we did something completely different than any other year. We took Geddy to the toy store and let him CHOOSE his presents. And it was such a success. He got to choose whatever he wanted (within our price range) and you could tell that he was so excited. We spent a good hour in the store picking presents. After we bought them he asked me if we could NOT wrap them and just play with the toys. He was the Birthday Boy so his wish was my command! No wrapping and playing right away. It was a good experience and Geddy really liked it. I would consider doing it again in the future. 

Lighting his Birthday Donuts!

Geddy isn't a big cake guy, he likes it but it's not his favorite. So this year, we stopped and got him Donuts! He loves donuts. It was way past bedtime and we were all exhausted form the fun day so we lit 4 candles on top of those donuts and sang Happy Birthday and let him eat his donuts. By the end of the night, he was cranky and overstimulated and ready for bed (as everyone should be on their Birthday). 

Dad and Baby Scout enjoying the day. 

This boy is amazing. I couldn't ask for a better son. We had such an amazing day, it truly was spectacular. Happy Birthday Geddy, we love you!

Happy Tuesday!


And here are two more pictures that I are random but I didn't want to lose. :)

Scout and I at the new Provo Temple Open House. 
Geddy just being Geddy. 

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