Happy Today

Scout doesn't sleep well. Let's just throw that out there. We are struggling to figure out how to help her and in the process, it's left an extremely exhausted Mama. And when I am tired, I am anxious, emotional, and just a big mess.

On Tuesday, Chad and I got to go on a rare date (we have not been able to go on one in FOREVER) and it was so nice. With life being fairly stressful lately, we decided that we need to focus on being "Happy Today".  We can't waste our days waiting for a goal to be fulfilled or for a baby to sleep
to be happy. We need to find the happiness in TODAY. So that is our goal.

Very sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been so exhausted from the lack of sleep and so my creative juices have all dried up. But there will be more to come. But as of today, let's choose to be Happy Today.

Happy Thursday!


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