Hat Intimidation

Let's talk hats. I am actually not a hat person. I will wear beanies during the winter but as far as other hats, I steer clear. Not because I don't like the look but because it makes me feel shy wearing one. I have a fear that someone will maybe bump it and make it skew awkwardly on my head like getting bonked in the head by a ball in the school yard. Or maybe it will blow away and then I'll be stuck with hat hair. I don't know, I just feel like there are a lot of malfunctions that can occur with hats. Or maybe someone will tease me for wearing one like they did in my Jr. Year of high school Math class. Thanks a lot Jake, you were a real dirtbag. 

But if I WERE brave enough to sport one, I would go with a really nice wide brim hat. Steer clear of the outdated Fedora or Train Cap and shoot for a nice wide brim number like maybe the Amish would wear? Yeah, that sounds good.   

These are some of my favorite wide brim hat looks. Maybe someday I'll rev up the courage to sport one but until then I will enjoy them from afar. 

Can we also talk about this coat too? I DIE. 
And Gwen, looking so fly.

Are there certain trend that you love but don't feel comfortable sporting? 

Happy Thursday!


**All images found on Pinterest!

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Jon said...

I could never do slim fit clothes even though it's really trendy these days. I like to stay ahead of the curve by going backwards. I'm telling you, polar fleece jackets are coming back strong.


Gotta love those Smothers Brothers.