I Can Color

While at Barnes and Noble a while back (one of our go to places for date night), Chad and I stumbled across this coloring book for adults. There were several different "themes" for the coloring books, but we went with the Tattoo Design one. Chad and I are pretty odd because we really like tattoos but neither of us have any. Being LDS, Tattoos are a "no no" so that complicates things. Therefore, we color tattoos in a book rather than on our skin. Haha, judge me all you want, that's just me. Deal with it. 

I had heard about the pros of adults coloring as an outlet. Some of the benefits I read about:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety
2. Trains your Brain to focus
3. Encourages self expression
4. Helps fine motor skills and vision
5. Activates both parts of the cerebral hemisphere
6. Meditation-like
7. Sparks creativity
8. Can help adults reconnect with their inner-child.

Pretty neat! Growing up, my Mom and Dad would sometimes watch TV together in evenings before bed. And I always noticed that my Mom would crochet or quilt while relaxing. I always thought "that's not relaxing!" but I have recognized the same thing in myself! I sometimes have a hard time just laying there and relaxing. I want to fold the laundry or browse Instagram or eat (naughty habit) so I started to color while relaxing. It's been good, it keeps my hands busy but also allows me to unwind.

Here are some of my finished coloring pages:

I would say I am a pretty creative person. Not necessarily a good artist but I can be creative at times. And coloring is a great way to express that creativity. And it's also a fantastic outlet for nervous, anxious, energy (which I can bottle up).  Not only is coloring fun but it's also fulfilling because you accomplished something creative. And if you hate the work you've done, you can rip it up and throw it away. No harm, no foul.

I would say that the benefit claims are true. While coloring I feel more relaxed and at peace. And when I am done, I feel kind of proud! Also, Coloring can be a form of therapy that Therapists use with their patience. I thought that was super cool. Mental health is good!

I would totally suggest coloring to everyone. There are all different kinds of coloring books and it's an awesome outlet. You should try it.

Happy Wednesday!


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