New To Me and Loving It

I am not the most "current" or "hip" individual. If you look at it, I do spend all my time with a 4 year old who talks about Ghosts, Dinosaurs, Hobby Kids and makes fart sounds. And then a 10 month old who just crawls around moaning because she is either teething or sick (as bad as that sounds I actually love being able to stay home with my kids, just a disclosure).

When my delightful Brother-in-Laws were talking about Podcasts that they listen to (which I recognize that Podcasts have been around for quite a while now) my interest was peaked. At first, I totally didn't get it. It's not like watching TV but it's also not reading a book. When do you have time to listen to Podcasts? Why not just listen to music or books on tape? I just didn't get it. (Again, remember I hang out with a 4 year old and a baby all day).

I remember asking my charming Sister-in-Law, Kate, to explain what Podcasts are all about. She shared with me some of her favorite ones and when she listens to them. Still slightly confounded about why Podcasts were so great, I finally decided to find out for myself.

So, I went with the classic and started with Serial. I know, SOOOOO cliche but it was about a topic that I was interested in. The first season is about a case of a young teenaged boy who is accused of killing his girlfriend. The Podcast reviews all the evidence and different possibilities. It had a real "Making a Murderer" vibe but with fewer mistakes by the Police. Now, I am an avid Law & Order SVU fan so this stuff is right down my alley. I started to listen to the Podcast when I would walk my dog because I could finally have some time to myself and be able to focus on the story while enjoying the outdoors. Truly fabulous.

After the first two episodes, I was HOOKED. Like, so much so, that I finished the podcast in like 2 or 3 days. I would listen to it with headphones during naptime and preschool time. Note: this podcast is definitely for mature audiences as it does go into detail of the murder. Also, it has some swears. I listened to the last 3 episodes on speaker after the kids had gone to bed and I was folding laundry or coloring (yes, coloring). And during that time, Chad was playing some Mine Craft and listened in with me. Once that season was over, I was so sad. I wanted more of that story! So Chad and I started Season 2 of serial and have been listening to it ever since. We listen to it together at night while he plays a video game and I just rest, fold laundry, or again, color. It's been such a fun time. We have both seriously loved it. And I have actually really liked season 2! I know that many people didn't like but I have found it incredibly intriguing. Season 2 covers the story of a Soldier in Afghanistan who walked away from his post and was captured for 5 years. Super interesting.

While we had been listening to Serial together, I tried to find another Podcast that I could listen to by myself (I didn't want to listen to Serial without Chad because it was a fun thing to do together). So a perused around the app and found Lore. Now, I must explain that I love spooky things. Spooky stories or movies, I just love them (that's probably where Geddy got it from) and Chad is the same way. I realize that scary things aren't for everyone. Lore is all about scary stories. Some more famous, like vampires or werewolves, and other less famous. It covers mythical creatures, ghosts, dolls, etc. So I started listening to that on my walks with our Pup and thought "Oh man, Chad would love this too!".

So, yet again, I had to save it for when Chad and I could listen to it together. So what we do now, is listen to Lore in the evenings when we are doing our own thing (Chad plays games, I do whatever I want) (also, the Lore episodes are shorter) and then we save Serial for when we climb in bed and turn on the twinkly lights on our headboard and listen to it together. It's so awesome. One of my current favorite things to do, by far.

Here is the problem. I have checked out a handful of other Podcasts and just can't get into them. So I am on the hunt, yet again for a new podcast that I can listen to while on walks with my dog. Suggestions are welcome!

The great thing about Podcasts, is that there is something for everyone. History, Comedy, Finances, Anatomy, Fiction, Self Help, Music, Politics, EVERYTHING. So if you find a good one, TELL ME.

Happy Wednesday!


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