Scout Ivy: 10 Months

Little Sister is 10 months old! Can you believe it? What a blessing.

We missed her 9 month post because she was basically ill or teething through most of that month so, she was in no mood to have her photo taken. She is finally starting to feel a little bit better (Hallelujah!) so I grabbed my camera this morning and decided to take a few photos. 

As mentioned before, Scout was teething all last month and now has 2 teeth! Right on the bottom center. You can tell in the picture below (such a funny expression she is making). Teething has been hard for this girl. She just doesn't feel well and you can tell. She just crawls after me all day whining. All she wants is to be held. Poor thing.

Scout is also crawling EVERYWHERE. Today she got in the dog's water dish and in the toilet water within 30 minutes of each other. I remember this stage with Geddy was frustrating because it was new but I expected it this time around. It does make things tricky, that's for sure. She is also pulling her self up on everything.

With a month of sickness and teething, sleeping has been HORRIBLE. Man, it's been rough. She is not my best sleeper. But it's ok, I'll sleep when I am dead! She barely eats any real food, just wants to nurse. It's something we are working on but aren't making a ton of progress. I am thinking at 1 year I will start weening because I think it may be time. She loves to nurse but if I don't make a change, she'll be strictly breastfeeding til she is 18.

Scout has started to really like little board books that we read each night before bed. In fact, they become a big distraction while nursing. The books are kept in the cart next to the rocking chair in her room where I nurse her. She will pop off and look at the books smiling, trying to get me to read them to her. It's cute but really naughty too.

Scout ADORES her big brother. She pulls up next to where he is sitting on the couch and harasses him trying to get him to play. He is usually pretty good about it but lately he has started to get pretty annoyed if she grabs the iPad or his food. She just loves him and wants his attention.

Scout is still a big pooper and farter. Really noisy farts and it's hilarious because she doesn't even notice when she passes gas. One thing that Chad notices is that Scout gets stinky feet if she hasn't had a bath in a  while. Geddy never had that, we thought it was funny.

Scout loves bath time. She has since birth. She loves to kick and play. She just recently started to sit up in the bath and loves to have brother in the tub with her. They get along so well, I pray it continues.

Lastly, she still perks up when she hears my voice. If someone else is holding her (that isn't Chad) and she sees me or hears me, she immediately starts to whine. So I try and stay out of her eye sight because I get to hold her plenty. Someone else gets to take a turn! I think that also has to do with the nursing thing though. I feel like weening will help.

So there is our girl. She is such a joy and light in our household.

We love you, Scooter!

Happy Friday,


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