Trends I WILL Be Wearing

Last week I wrote a blog post all about 2016 trends that I will NOT be wearing. I figured it was only appropriate to post about trends that I WILL wear/like for this season. Just because it's fun. Now if someone wants to give me a millions dollars so I can buy all the things, that would be stellar.

Let's get started!

Flat Mules:

The thing that's great about these little slip ons, is comfort and ease. Being a Mom who is running out the door and rarely have time to sit in my closet to find the perfect this or that, these make looking stylish quick and effortless while still looking sleek.

I found an awesome pair at Old Navy and got them for $12 while one a sale. SCORE. These will be just as convenient as my Birks (I will forever love you Birkenstocks) but a bit more sleek. You can wear them with summer dresses, slacks, skinny jeans, shorts, YOU NAME IT. This is a trend that anyone could sport. Do it.


YUP, shoes again. Are you really surprised though? And another pair that is EASY and CONVENIENT. This a style that has actually been around for a while but doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Again, this something super comfortable and easy for anyone, including Mom's to throw on. It's got that retro 70's vibe but can absolutely be worn today. Throw it on with any kind of outfit and you're good to go.

I found mine at Lotta From Stockholm for about $60. They are real leather and wood and are actually from Sweden (I have Swedish Heritage so I totally loved that. Viking pride!). And I have to say that the quality is outstanding. Other clogs that I looked at were well over $100. These are fantastic and I would suggest them to anyone. When I wear mine, I feel like a Florist who runs a cute little flower shop (which I actually worked at a little place like that and it did not go well. The owners were terrible).

My clogs from 

Wrap Skirts:

All kinds of wraps are popular this season but I specifically liked the skirts. The wrap skirts that are still structured and modern looking are my favorite. They add some interest to a simple outfit and enhance the waist which is always flattering. 

Now if I can only find one that will work for me...

Alexis Mabille
Michael Kors

Victorian & Ruffles:

I put both Victorian and Ruffles under the same category because I feel like they are very similar. They offer the same feminine and romantic style. I am particularly drawn to eclectic prints together with feminine frills as you can see with the options shown below. It makes it a little more funky which I am all about. Why not stand out? 

Gucci. May not be this season but love it all the same. 


Oh pleats! For some reason, pleats remind me of my mother (in the best way). It's a classic style that can give a lady retro vibe. I am a fan when the pleats are modernized though. Fun colors, prints, or even on places you wouldn't expect like shirts and jackets. They are just super good. Love it.  

Paper Bag Waist Pants:

The Paper Bag Pant is interesting. Sometimes it can just be BAD but other times, it can be feminine and flattering. I appreciate that it is a style that sinches at the waist but also has the potential to hide any pooches or insecure tummies with the slight ruffling at the top. I have yet to try on a pair of these so I can't say how they will work for me but I do know that I like the way they look. I also appreciate that they can work with trousers or a skinnier leg. 

Creatures of Comfort

There are a lot more trends this season that I liked but I have already spent WAY too much time on these ones so I will just list some of the other trends that are of interest to me. 

-Bold Stripes (I will love stripes, regardless of trends. STRIPES FOREVER!)
-Bell Bottoms/Wide Trousers (been around for a while, still love them and seeing them everywhere)
-Gingham Plaid
-Vivid Colors (although I'll always love black too)
-Garden Floral Prints
-Tassel Accessories

There you have it. This is what I do on Friday afternoon during naptime. And I love it. 

**I do want to say something about trends. There is no reason for you to love EVERY trend. NOR should you wear EVERY trend at once (we don't want to look like a clown). Be mindful with trends. I believe it is more important to have a strong fashion sense that is constant (kind of timeless) sprinkled with current trends. And again, if you hate a trend, don't wear it. Fashion is suppose to be enjoyable and a fun way to express yourself. You do you. 

Happy Fashionable Friday! (as I sit here in my sweats, mwahahahah). 


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