House Dreamin' Part 1

So, you know I have been dreaming of houses lately. We are thinking about buying our first home next year and so it's got me thinking. Because I know all of you care so much (ha) about my taste in homes, so I have made a list of wants and dreams of my future house.

***I want to clarify that the pictures I have posted below are CLEARLY really expensive homes that I could not afford at this time (maybe never). Please know that I am not entirely delusional, but all the pictures online are of these glamorous homes. 

So, where do we begin? 

Let's talk Curb Appeal. For me, it matters. If I pull up to a home and am not attracted to the way the outside of a home looks, it will hard for me to love the inside. It's like a first impression, it's important! 

As of right now in my life, I have fallen HARD for mid-century homes. I love the interesting architecture and especially, the big windows. I really like the unique rooftop lines as well. I prefer two story homes over ranch/close to the ground homes. But, if it needs to be close to the ground, mid century style is the way to go.  

I have also, ALWAYS been a Victorian Home fan as well. My dream would to be a huge victorian home and completely renovate it. I wouldn't do this project for my first home but could totally see Chad and I doing this for our final home together. It would be so fun. And I think my Mother-in-Law would love to help with the experience as well (right Glenna, wink wink). I love the interesting colors you can do on the outside and the wrapping porches. And inside with the dramatic stair cases. It's just too fun. It would be like living in a doll house and I just couldn't say no. 

Lastly, I appreciate the more common but still very lovely Hampton/Nantucket styled homes. Clean lines, dormer windows, simple and classic. The type of house that would have a beautiful garden in the back and Martha Stewart is your next door neighbor. You know the ones. I find these homes to be the safest and most common of the 3 designs I have listed but I would be very happy in this style of home (I'd be happy in any home, let's be honest!). 

So, those are the 3 styles that I tend to be drawn to. I understand that there isn't going to be some perfect house that will every single things that I want. So, we will try to do our best to create a list of things that are most important and try to get the big ones. 

Some things that I am hoping for are:

-an open floor plan: this is probably the most important thing to me. I want to be able to see the living room from the kitchen. I want it to be nice and open, that way I can see what the kids are doing while I am cooking (correction, while CHAD is cooking. He is the cook in our home). I find that we spend a lot of time in the living room specifically so the openness is really crucial. 

-high ceilings in living room. I don't have to have super high ceilings in every room BUT I would love high ceilings in the living/family room. I just love the way it looks. And lot's of nice windows too. It just makes everything seem bigger and brighter. I love that idea. 

-wood floors on the main floor. I am fine with carpet in the bedrooms but I would like wood floors on the main area just because I have had disgusting apartment carpets for over 7 years and they get so disgusting. Wood floors on the main floor would be a real treat. I prefer medium to dark wood (generally, sometimes a fun gray wash catches my eye), I like it to look weathered but not too rustic. And nothing super glossy, not a fan of that. 

I am particularly fond of this flooring. This would be ideal.

-decent sized master bedroom. When I talk about the size of the master, I don't mean it needs to be huge. I just need it to be enough to fit our large bed in it, as well as a master bath and a big closet. They don't have to be extravagant but I just need a bathroom that can get trashed and that any guests don't have to use or see (our bathroom gets gross sometimes,  I'm only human) and enough closet space to fit all of mine and Chad's clothing.

I could go ON and ON but I feel like this is too long already. So there are just a handful of things I would love to have but again, I am fully aware that this is just daydreaming. But it's fun to write about anyway.

I will be writing a second post about furniture so, stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!


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