Lately 4/15/16

Soooo behind this week. This post is just going to be a vomit of what's on my mind and what I am thinking about. It's the best way to describe life right now.

Geddy's new shoes. Yes, he is wearing a box. 

Thought 1: Geddy is with Grandma Glenna this weekend. She took him down to St. George so he will be with her for a few nights. And I have missed him SO much. How funny is that? I was so excited to get a break but the moment he left, I'm missed his whirl wind. I love that boy like crazy. 

Found a piece of pizza under our couch. Thanks Geddy!

Thought 2: While he has been gone, I have been trying to clean the house and get things done that I normally wouldn't be able to do with both kids at home. I am currently waiting for the maintenance guy to come and fix our bathroom drain because it is super backed up (I blame the postpartum hair loss). ***Sigh*** I hate waiting for stuff like that. 

Thought 3: Buy a house. Chad and I are currently in the hustle to (hopefully) buy a house next year. We don't know exactly what will happen this coming year (Chad continuing on to Grad school or us changing plans and staying here). I have been day dreaming about houses because, it's on the brain, I just can't help it. But it's also so overwhelming, what do I do? Thinking purely about the aesthetic side, I don't want something super cookie cutter but would love something new. However, I don't think buying a new home for our first house would be wise. I would love to find something mid-century that is kind of unique but would want it to be up to date inside. Haha, isn't it funny how we have these specific things in mind but may end up in something completely different? We'll see. Maybe I write a post about what I would love. Also, I have never done this before so I feel a little lost. Any tips? 

Thought 4: Makeup. I have had makeup really on the brain lately. Any extra money I have to spend on myself, I have been buying lipsticks (I love lipstick but rarely wear it but also keep buying it). And blush. I love blush and lipstick but actually need to find a new wonderful foundation. 

Thought 5: I need to fold the laundry that is currently sitting on my kitchen counter. At least my kitchen is clean. 

Thought 6: I desperately need a haircut. About a month ago, I almost chopped my hair and went frosty white platinum. Haha, I wanted something drastic. I ended up backing out though because I really like to be able to put my hair in a ponytail. So I am thinking I am gonna keep it dark and get a good trim. My hair is super grown out so my roots are showing like crazy. It's looking a little crappy. Also, my hair is so thin from all the hair loss after having Scout. AND the baby hairs/regrowth is out of control. I have a good, old fashioned, mohawk. Haha. 

Thought 7: CHAD GRADUATES IN A WEEK. I am so excited and proud of him. 

That's it guys. 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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