Scout Ivy: 11 Months Old

HOLY CRAP SHE IS ALMOST 1! Man this has gone by fast. What a wonderful year with 2 children. I feel so insanely blessed over here. 

Not a TON has changed in the last month. Well, I guess kinda. Scout has been feeling so much better this month and is back to her sweet self. 

She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on everything. She is starting to cruise around the couches and gets into EVERYTHING.
She loves her Brother so much, it's crazy. Her favorite place to play is in Geddy's room. 

She has started eating solids more and more (thank heaven!) and is doing a great job. We are still nursing a whole bunch but it's getting better. No baby food though, she refused that from the get go.  

She is still a poor sleeper at night but we are working on it. 

She loves it when her Daddy sings to her and absolutely adores bath time. 

Of course, Geddy had to get in on the action. 
They are such good friends.
She has a massive blow out while at the store.
Eating an Oreo.

Scout is such a treasure to our family. She is sweet and calm and shows love to us. We are so grateful for you Scooter!

Happy Friday!


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