Skin Care

Let's talk skincare, shall we? 

As a teen, I struggled with some pretty standard acne. In my youth, my skin was extremely sensitive. I would go to the dermatologist all the time and was on different medications. It was a battle, to say the least but I think a lot of it was pretty average for a teen. 

In my early 20's my skin continued down the same path. Sensitive skin, with some acne. I managed to keep it pretty contained my using Cetaphil products because they were so gentle. And honestly, I would recommend Cetaphil to anyone. 

Now as a big girl at the age of 29, I have found a pretty good flow and routine for my skin. I must clarify that I am not an expert in anyway! What worked for me may not be the answer for you. I would say my skin is normal with a bit of an oily T-zone But the older I get, the less oily my T-zone is, which is kind of nice. I do have extremely rosy cheeks. I don't know if it's rosacia or something but they are pretty red. The things that have helped my skin the most is simplicity, consistency, diet and water intake. 

I try not to use too many products in my routine at one time. I find that my skin reacts poorly to it. I like to use a cleanser, lotion and deep cleanse (I deep clean about once a week, depending on how often I wear makeup that week). Every now and then, I will throw in a gentle face mask. 

So, let's discuss the cleansers that I like. As mentioned above, Cetaphil is fantastic and so gentle. After 10 years of using it, I decided to try something new. I wanted something slightly stronger just to see if it controls break outs a little bit better. I started off using Olay Foaming Cleanser (I used the combination/oily formula) and really liked it. I felt like it was stronger than Cetaphil and it actually helped. After using the Olay cleanser for a while, I read a review on this Simple Brand foaming cleanser and thought I would give it a try. 

The thing that sparked my interest was that its cleanses and refreshes skin with safe, vitamins and "skin loving" ingredients. Basically, it's really simple ingredients and has no harsh chemicals or artificial perfumes and dyes. To be honest, at first, I wasn't that impressed. I felt like it was almost TOO gentle and wasn't really CLEANSING very well. I am nearly out of the product now and it's only been the last week when I decided that I really quite like it. Particularly paired with the Clarisonic that I use (we'll talk about that more in a minute). If you are looking for a good cleanser that is simple and skin friendly, I would suggest giving it a try. 

As I mentioned above, I have been using the Clarisonic Mia 2 off and on for about a year or two now. It's the only fancy face product that I use, haha. Chad got it for me because he I was interested in it. He is nice. The thing I love about the Clarisonic is that it cleans 6 times better than just with your hands. And because of the gentle vibrations, it cleans deeper than normal so it uproots all the dirt and gunk deep in your pores. It also allows your skin to soak up your creams and moisturizers significantly better. I don't wear makeup every day, but when I do, I always like to use the Clarisonic after I remove my make up. It's amazing how much cleaner my face feels after I use it than when I don't.

Every few weeks, I will use a face mask. I have never spent a lot of money on face masks and the cheap ones I would get at the store never helped my skin (in fact it sometimes felt like it made it worse). I saw a review on the TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask and thought it looked really interesting. It comes in a powder form (it's a clay mask) and you add water and spread it all over your face. The mask is wonderful. I haven't had any break outs or anything. And after using it, the skin really does look refreshed. The mask is vegan, all natural, and cruelty free. It minimizes pores and reduces scars as well as fights acne and wrinkles. Super cool product. I have been very happy with it.

Now, face lotion. My skin reacts really poorly to lotions with SPF in them. It a big bummer. I know that you're suppose to always to wear sunblock everyday but my skin just can't handle it. So, I stick with Cetaphil-like products. Its the Walmart brand of Cetaphil, if you will, and honestly it works just as well for me and cheaper. Score! I really haven't branched out on face lotions because the few times that I have in the past years, it doesn't go well. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them!

I used to us a night cream every night before Scout was born. But since she came, I have been keeping things at a minimum so sometimes it just doesn't happen. Even if I don't put it all over my face, I try to slather a bit under and around my eyes. The Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream helps with fine lines and wrinkles, hence putting it under my eyes. It's a good thing to prevent, right? Right.

Lastly, and probably the most important, Water and Diet. I can tell a DRASTIC difference when I am not drinking enough water and eating too much sugar (sugar is my vice). I drink two of my big water bottles a day. That is 96 oz of water. And it makes a massive difference. Probably more than anything else. I pee a lot but my skin thanks me for it. Bring on the the water! 

And one more tip, never and I mean NEVER, wear make up to bed. Just don't do it. You'll wake up with some angry skin.

Happy Wednesday!


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