Chad's Graduation

2 weeks ago, Chad graduated from BYU. 

That is such a sweet statement. I know that graduation is a big deal for every person who accomplishes it but I, as a wife of the graduate, I was SO grateful for it. 

Chad has worked full time while going to school. He also got married and had two children along the way. His education has been in our lives through out our entire marriage, that's nearly nine years. And he kept working so hard. 

He was busy and didn't have much time for himself but he kept at it and I couldn't be more freaking proud. Honestly, I was so excited for this day that it felt like I was graduating too. 

The actual ceremony was at 8 am and Chad had to be there at 7. That meant I needed to get from PG with both children in tow by myself. Haha, it was crazy. And I was TOTALLY late. I was late to my own husbands graduation! But it's ok, I was only 10 minutes late so I only missed the prayer and song, luckily. 

He is just so cute. 

And the friends and family truly pulled through. Seats were saved and Cherry came to help me carry in the children from the parking lot while Brandon parked my car for me so I could go inside and not miss anything more. Both of those gestures meant the world to me. 

Here is the video of when they called his name. You can hear us all cheering our hearts out. I was so pumped. I can't even tell you. 

After the graduation, we met outside for pictures. It was so delightful. Then the family headed to Mimi Cafe's for a little breakfast which was awesome. 

Our little family. My heart wants to burst. 
Chad with his parents. 
Chad's eyes are closed, I know. 
Zach and Chad have a very special love. Look at that girl's reaction. Hahaha! 
Brandon, Aj, Chad, Zach, Jordy, and Jon.
Us with the Stewarts.

I wanted to get Chad like a $1000 gift for his graduation but, we were still technically poor college students. So instead, I got him something small but meaningful.

My awesome artwork. 

Yes, these are little pins of Scully and Mulder. Chad and I are big fans of X-Files. I mean, the show is about partners solving mysteries and Chad and I are truly partners in life. We've got each other's backs and I thought this was a fun way of saying that. Heck, we were partners through this college education experience. So, the Scully pin is Chad's (because I am like Scully) and the Mulder pin is mine (because he would be like Mulder). And we say that when we wear them it's like the other person is with us, even if they aren't. Basically, we're dorks. 

This is one of my favorite days because we got to celebrate the hard work of my favorite person. Chad I am so proud of you. Thank you for your diligence and ridiculously hard work. Love you, man. 

Happy Tuesday!


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