Scout Ivy: 1 Year Old!

The First Birthday always seems so monumental, right? I can't believe how quickly it went by. SO FAST. And it's kinda sad to think back to how adorable and tiny she was. So sweet, so calm. Now she is bossy and cute as a button.

Let's talk 1 year:

Eating: Girlfriend sure loves her some breastmilk. Yes, we are still breastfeeding. I have managed to wean a few feedings and trying really hard to push more solid foods. I have noticed that she will wait and wait and wait and get hungrier and hungrier until she FINALLY gets to nurse right before bed instead of just eating some darn solids! Unreal. But we are working on it and the Doctor said that everything looks great and she is growing so we just keep working on it but am not super rushed. We'll see how it goes. (She is in the 90th percentile for height and 40th percentile for weight).

We have discovered that she is OBSESSED with Honey Nut Cheerios and Cheetos. She doesn't eat Cheetos often but she does love Cheerios. She also loves yogurt and Reeses Pieces. She wants to be eating whatever Geddy is eating. She will just stand in front of him grunting and yelling because she wants him to feed her. Odd that she won't eat the food that I give her though. 

She drinks awesome from a straw sippy cup. Hates milk, only drinks water. We completely skipped the bottle.

The face she gives all the strangers who try to make her smile. 

Sleep: We are alright with sleeping. Still waking once in the night to feed, which the Doctor said is normal. She naps really well and is getting better at falling asleep on her own. Overall, it's going well. We actually went on a little vacation to St. George last week and brought her along (because of the nursing and I just can't leave her yet, she feels too young) and she did AMAZING. Slept awesome, napped awesome, she was a dream. 

Talking: She says "Mama" but I am not sure she actually realizes that it's me. BUT she does make the most adorable "Woo Woo" sound when she sees our Lady Pup. She now knows that dog's say woof woof. And it is seriously the CUTEST thing ever. She still mimics sounds and tongue clicking if you do it to her. She has started shaking her head "No" but it's usually completely random. 

Standing up like a big girl.

Funny-isms: As I mentioned before, if Geddy is eating chips, toast, cereal or anything on the couch, Scout will pull herself up so she is standing next to him and yell at him. It is the most aggravating yell ever. And it drives Geddy CRAZY. He will sometimes yell back at her and so we need to intervene so they don't just shout at each other. 

When she is eating something she likes, she will take a bite and then tilt her head back and do the cutest, crinkled nose, squinted eye, cheeser smile. It's so cute. And she wants you to do it back to her. Also, if she gets excited, she will make her lips into an "O" shape and then breath in and out really fast while she crawls as fast as she can. It's so funny. 

Scout has also learned to appreciate peek-a-boo and can WAVE hello. That little wave is amazing. It makes my heart explode. She is still unimpressed with strangers and will smile for NOBODY if she chooses not to. She has developed an impressive fake cry and tries to manipulate everybody. If you bump her, she will fake cry, if Chad leaves for work, she will fake cry. And she acts SO offended each time. 

Movement: She is crawling everywhere and stands up on everything. Still not standing by herself (not holding on to anything) and hasn't taken any steps yet. She gets into everything and wants to smother our dog, so we are always on the move with that. Her favorite part of the day is Bath Time with brother. She LOVES the water, it's her favorite thing. 

Fake Cry at it's best.

Lastly, Scout has her two bottom teeth and her top two are just about to pop through. Teething is rough, poor babe. 

Scout, you are an absolute Joy. You are sweet and sensitive but bossy as ever. You are an absolute Mama's girl and we can't thank the Lord enough that you are in our family. We love you!

Happy Thursday!


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