Preschool Graduation 2016

Geddy graduated from his first year of preschool. What a wonderful school year it was!

Left: First day of Preschool / Right: Last day of School

I remember feeling so afraid to send him to preschool but it was such a positive thing in our lives. Geddy became a potty trained expert during this year and his language skills really exploded. It also gave me a much needed break twice a week and a truly loved it. Such wonderful, positive, stimulation that my vibrant boy really benefited from.

I am so grateful for Geddy's amazing teachers and their thoughtfulness.

For his last day, they did a wonderful musical performance with a little graduation ceremony at the end. The teacher described Geddy as "a vibrant, ball of energy" and everyone laughed because it fit so well. And best of all was seeing Geddy's face, bursting with pride when he accepted his "diploma". He really is one extraordinary kid. I feel so blessed to have him as a son. You can watch the full performance below, if you really want to.

One of my favorite parts is when Geddy put on his graduation cap, he looked at Chad in the audience and said "Look, I have a hat just like you!" (Chad graduated from college this year and Geddy got to see the graduation ceremony for his Daddy!). It made my heart explode. We love you, Little Dude! Great job!

Happy Wednesday!


Also, this is a random pic of our Little Dude and I could just eat him up.

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