Scout's Birthday Party

The week leading up to Scout's Birthday was ROUGH. Both the children got the most horrific stomach bug and there was vomiting and diarrhea and it was crazy. So in a last minute to not feel super guilty for NOT doing a big fancy party, we decided that our family would go to Chuck-e-Cheese (Scout wouldn't know what was happening but Geddy would feel like it was a special day). 

I also had every intention to make a homemade cake but again with the vomitting and diarrhea, I was too worn out to do it. So, I went to the store and bought brightly colored cupcakes, they were so cheery and would work great. Ignore the fact that they had cute little "Mom" decorations on top of them. Her Birthday is so close to Mother's Day that it was the only option! So I just took those ones out and left the flower decor in.  

Don't Mind These. 

I felt so guilty about how low key her Birthday was. I did hang our Birthday Sign up though and we all sang to her. She even got boring stuff for her Birthday, just clothes and kids books. We have too many toys already so we didn't want to add to the pile.

And Chuck-E-Cheese was alright. I was so flustered and stressed that week that I was pretty grumpy. I tried to take the cute picture of Scout with her cupcake but she just cried and cried and refused to eat any of it. And While I was trying to get pictures I was snapping at Geddy and being the worst Mom ever. So this celebration makes me feel guilty when I remember it, haha.

I don't think Scout was feeling very good because she was pretty grumpy the whole time. Geddy had a blast though. We got pizza and ate overly sweet, store bought, cupcakes. Uncle Aj and Zach and Cherry and their kids came too. They were sweet to come celebrate our special girl!.

The best big brother!
She was so not into it!

So scary.
The only smile we could get. 
Crappiest quality picture that their machine printed out. 

Here is Geddy on the same ride at 2 and at 4 years old! My goodness, hasn't he grown up?!

Aj and Chad playing games. 

This was the picture that I was barking orders at my kids and Scout isn't smiling, she is actually crying here. This picture just makes me feel so guilty as a parent! Oye, Mom fail.

Oh well, we love our girl so much! Happy Birthday Scout!

Happy Tuesday!


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